Ice Cream APARTMENTS Stay regulations


1) These Terms of Use of the ICE CREAM APARTMENTS, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations", define the rules for the provision of services, liability and staying at the ICE CREAM APARTMENTS premises and form an integral part of the contract for the holiday, business or tourist accommodation between the Guest and the ICE CREAM APARTMENTS. The Regulations define the "Guest" as the adult person indicated on the reservation form, which receives the keys to the booked apartment. These Regulations define ICE CREAM APARTMENTS as Jaman Jacek Małolepszy, based in Sopot 81-752 at street Chopina 1, 2/3, NIP: 5842717327,REGON: 221250527, or the person indicated by the company representatives, hereinafter referred to as the “ICA”.

2) Regulations apply to all persons staying in ICE CREAM APARTMENTS. The responsibility for these persons rests with the person signing on the registration card, referred to in this Regulations. Regulations apply, from 29 April 2017, available at reception, in apartments and on the website www.icecreamapartments.com.

3) ICA reserves the right to refuse to accept your reservation.


Apartment is rented for hotel days. Minimum rental period is 2 days excluding months:

a. July and August - minimum 6 days

b. June and September - minimum of 4 days

5) ICA reserves the right to change the minimum rental period specified in point 4. due to special circumstances

6) The hotel day starts at 4 p.m. on the first day of the reserved period and ends at 11 a.m. the next day


7) The agreement for the provision of short-stay accommodation between the Guest and ICA is concluded at the time of signing the registration card as well as by making a reservation. The booking of the apartment can be made at the reception desk under the conditions set out in the Regulations and through the on-line booking system (eg on the website www.icecreamapartments.com).By completing the steps described above, Guest confirms that he has read the Regulations, understands its provisions and agrees to the conditions in it and accepts the terms of the selected offer.

8) The fee for booking your stay in the apartment is charged in advance: when booking on-line, by bank transfer or at the guest's accommodation by cash, bank transfer or payment card

9) The fee for booking your stay in the apartment during the specified period includes the payment for the stay in the apartment of the persons indicated in the reservation and the cost of used media (assuming normal use of this media) by the Guest and his accompanying persons at the time of booking

10) A local fee is not included in the room rate. This fee is charged on the spot according to the applicable rate of Sopot City Hall

11) In the event that additional service charges will not be automatically added to the total cost of on-line reservation they must be paid directly at the property

12) Special wishes and additional services such as baby accessories and the place will be made subject to availability and may be subject to a surcharge. It is recommended to place nominations, Spaces and baby accessories when you book your stay. No such notification is associated with the risk that a / the wishes and the service will not be available.

13) Upon check-in, the total charge for the stay must be paid. In case of extension of stay or purchase of additional services, the fee will be added to the Guest account and must be paid immediately

14) The guest is not entitled to a refund of the fee for booking a stay in the apartment in case he or she does not use the entire paid stay

15) ICA reserves the right to change the apartment to another of similar standard

16) Any changes to your reservation can only be made by sending an email to sopot@icecreamapartments.com or if possible via the official on-line booking system on the site's website. Any changes made to the reservation, must be approved by ICA, only written, electronic (e-mail) confirmation sent to the Guest - is valid. At the same time ICE CREAM APARTMENTS reserves the right to refuse to make changes in the conditions of the reservation, if the objective reasons this is not possible. In case of cancellation of the reservation due to lack of ability to modify and unequivocal withdrawal from the Agreement, the Guest is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid

17) ICA may refuse to accept a Guest who has grossly violated any of the Regulations during the previous stay, harming the property or property of others or harming others or otherwise disturbing the guest's peaceful stay or the operation of the ICA. Such person is obliged to immediately comply with ICA demands, in particular to pay for damages and destruction, if not previously paid, and leave ICA.


18 .ICA interiors have been designed and finished to provide comfort for long stays. 30 days. Please email us at: marketing@icecreamapartments.com. At your request will be prepared individual offer.


19) In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the effects of which can not be immediately resolved, ICE CREAM APARTMENTS undertakes to provide a replacement apartment, similar to the one originally booked, if available. In the absence of a free apartment ICA has the right to cancel the reservation.

20) ICA shall have the right, in the event of force majeure, to withdraw from the Agreement. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the Guest or its assets, for reasons beyond the control of ICA not be guaranteed. In this case, the amounts paid by the customer are subject to an immediate refund with the deduction of the amounts due for services already provided.

21) In the situation described in point 19 and 20 will make every effort to alleviate the inconvenience. Guest waive claims and rights to compensation.


22) Guest accommodations are available from 4 p.m. to 8 p.mp. Guest is required to inform ICA at the time of arrival at least one day before the date of arrival. Information must be provided by e-mail.

23) It is possible to set an individual time of arrival (at any time between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.), but no later than 00:30 in such cases an additional fee is charged. Additional fee for accommodation and reception of keys in the hours between 8 p.m.-10 p.m. in the amount of 70 PLN and between 10 p.m. - 00:30 in the amount of 120PLN (An additional fee is required in June-August)

24) If you are unable to reach your pre-arranged time, the Guest is obliged to notify ICA immediately (by e-mail or telephone)

25) No arrival at the Reception on arrival to the apartment until 8p.m. (and no information about arrival at another individually designated time) will result in cancellation without refund of the amount paid by the Guest

26) There is a possibility of early accommodation only when the conditions permit: the apartment was not rented the previous day or if, despite being rented, it is possible to prepare it at the hour indicated by the Guest. Guest is obliged to make a request for an earlier start of the day the hotel at least 2 working days prior to the first day of a planned stay in the apartment.


27) Check-in is based on the guest's identification document, accepted in Poland (ID card or passport), signing the registration card and paying the entire amount of the stay. Check in is at Reception.

28) A security deposit of 400 PLN ( payable in cash or payment card) is required upon arrival to secure any claims for damages resulting from non-normal use of the apartment or other events. The deposit is non-interest-bearing and is repayable (in the way it was charged) after checking the condition of the apartment.

29) The key to the apartment is a proximity card - hereinafter referred to as the "key" - coded for the Guest during his stay and can not be passed to the unregistered in the apartment.

30) The key is issued after payment of the full amount due under the contract and after all registration activities, except for the circumstances stated in paragraph 31

31) ICE CREAM APARTMENTS reserves the right to refuse to accept Guest (release a key to an apartment) which:

a) Is a minor

b) Does not have a valid identity card or does not want to produce a document

c) Refuses to sign the registration card

d) Refuses to deposit a security deposit

e) The guest or person indicated on the Registration Card during the previous stay has grossly violated the ICA Regulations.

f) The guest or person indicated on the Report Card is behaving in a manner that indicates alcohol or other psychoactive substances, exhibits verbal or physical aggression, thereby posing a threat to other guests or property.

In the case of refusal of the Guest's registration from the aforementioned. Reasons the paid amount is not returned

32) The Guest is obliged to pay the entire amount of the rent receivable, also in case of delay or short stay for reasons beyond the control of ICA.

33) Immediately after entering the apartment, the Guest is obliged to check that the equipment of the apartment complies with the list of the listed building and that there are no damages. If any defects or defects have occurred, you should report immediately to your ICA representative. Failure to report deficiencies will result in the guest being charged for any deficiencies and damages


34) If you wish to extend your stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, the Guest should report immediately, by 5 p.m. at the latest on the day preceding the date of the expiry of the period covered by the reservation. ICA takes into account the wishes of extension of stay as far as possible. ICA may refuse if guests do not comply with the rules of procedure. Request to extend the last day of your stay may be associated with an extra charge

35) Guests are required to inform the ICA the day before their departure from the time of departure (from 9:00 to 11:00):

a) Early check-out is available at an additional cost: 00:00 to 05:30 Fee 150PLN, 05:30 to 07:00 Fee 120 PLN, 07:00-09:00 fee 100 PLN (An additional fee is required in June-August)

b) Late check-out is additionally payable (only possible with the confirmation of the reception):until 1 p.m. (cost PLN 50 for each hour), after 1p.m. (cost according to the daily price of the apartment).

36) The Guest is obliged to leave the object in a state not in relation to the original condition on the day of accommodation and leave the dishes and kitchen utensils clean. If damage occurs, the guest is obliged to restore the previous condition or to pay compensation according to ICA valuation.

37) An earlier, unsuccessful departure of the Guest without transferring the apartment to the ICA representative may result in claims from ICA.

38) The Guest is obliged to return the keys to the representative of ICA after the stay, in accordance with the reservation. Non-return of Keys or pilots will immediately result in the charge for the rental of the apartment and / or parking place for consecutive days until the date of return of the keys according to the applicable price list. Self-renewal of your stay does not guarantee further residence in the rented or other apartment.

39) In the situation described in point 38. ICA reserves the right to place at least 2 representatives of ICA at the Commission. Things so packed will be deposited in ICA and will be picked up at reception by 3 days. After this time, things will be transferred to the lost-and-found office.

40) ICA is entitled to the statutory right of pledge (Article 850 K.C.) on items deposited by the guest to the apartment when the Guest is late for payment for the stay or services rendered


41) Children of all ages are welcome. Especially for our youngest guests we offer a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay at ICA throughout the family. Children under the age of 2 stay for free if they sleep on their parents 'bed (only 1 child can sleep in the parents' bed). Children up to 2 years of age are allowed on baby cots. ICE CREAM APARTMENTS provides cots (103x60xh72cm) with mattress (92x53cm) and a set of bed linen for an additional charge of 30 PLN per day. For an additional fee, we will also provide high-class equipment for children (including armchair, baby bath, changing table) and other amenities.

ICA offers baby cots with linen at an extra charge of PLN 50 per night. Children under the age of 12 should be on ICA under constant supervision of legal guardians.

42) The receptionist is the reception, located on the ground floor of the building, the entrance from Chopin Street. If you have concerns about the quality of your service, please report it in person at the reception desk or via phone as soon as possible so that we can respond promptly and improve the standard of service. Complaints concerning the stay should be reported on the fly during the stay and at the latest on the day of departure. Any complaints can not affect the dates and amount of payments. Complaints will be handled independently of what the Guest will be informed orally or in writing.

43) Smoking, tobacco, incense sticks, electronic cigarettes, marijuana, and any other drugs and stay of animals (animals entering the ICA ) are prohibited in apartments, corridors and stairwells.

For every violation found in this section of the Rules of Procedure, it is equivalent to agreeing to pay a fee for additional cleaning (including dearomatization - odor removal) of PLN 1000 / EUR 250. The ICA Representation is also entitled to terminate the agreement to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and to remove the Guest along with the persons accompanying the apartment without having to refund the amount due for the remaining period of the reservation.

44) In the room is prohibited to store dangerous goods, weapons and ammunition, flammable, explosive or illumination materials

45) Guest is obliged to use air conditioning only when the windows in the apartments are closed

46) The Guest is not entitled sublet apartment, or make available to third parties, even if the period has not expired, for which he paid a fee per stay. Apartment is rented to specific people.

47) Guest is obliged to use the apartment only for residential purposes and to keep the sentence apartment in the same condition at the time of check-in (including the non-removal of the apartment and any of its equipment.) And to use the parking space in accordance with its intended purpose. The common corridor connecting the staircase to the apartments is for communication purposes only - it is not permitted to keep any personal belongings in it.

48) Each time before leaving the apartment Guest is obliged to properly secure the apartment ie. The exact closing: taps plumbing, door and windows of the apartment to remove the key from the slot and carefully store the Key without access to it by outsiders

49) Guest obliged not to organize from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. loud and cumbersome for other tenants building meetings or events in the apartment. In the event of a justified complaint to ICE CREAM APARTMENTS or gross violation of the Rules of Regulations, a person representing a company has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and will remove with the people accompanying him from the apartment, with no obligation to repay the amount due under the remaining period of the reservation. In the case of the intervention of the Police or the Municipal Police ICA impose on guests penalty in the amount of 400 PLN / 100 EUR. Guest is obliged to immediately pay any settlement with ICA.

50) Between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., only persons indicated in the Registration Card can stay in the apartments. In the event of a violation of this section of the Regulations, the representative of the company has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and to remove the Guest along with the persons accompanying the apartment without the obligation to reimburse the amount due for the remaining period of reservation. Guest is obliged to immediately pay any settlement with ICA.

51) The Guest is obliged to take good care of the good neighborhood (ie to avoid causing excessive noise and unpleasant odors from the apartments, annoying and disturbing other guests) and keeping the rented premises in proper condition. Guest is obliged to immediately inform the person responsible for handing the keys of any events that could put the detriment of the landlord about possible defects and faults in the apartment and to report damage caused by them during their stay immediately after their discovery. The equivalent of the damage and its removal covers Guests at the latest on departure.

52) ICA has the right to refuse access to unregistered guests if this would violate the peace of other guests

53) Apartment can not be inhabited by more than the person booked. If the actual number of guests in the apartment exceeds the number of people declared in the reservation, ICA has the right to immediately cancel the reservation without refunding the fee paid and contractual penalty for each additional person of 200PLN/night. Guest is obliged to immediately pay any settlement with ICA

54) If the number of guests indicated during the booking is changed, the Guest is obliged to inform the ICA. In case of an extra bed in the apartment or a change of one of the guests indicated in the contract, the guest must inform the ICA. at the latest on arrival, with ICA not obliged to agree to the above

55) In addition to slightly altering furniture and equipment without compromising its functionality and safety. Guests are not allowed to make any changes in the apartments and their equipment.

56) ICA is obligated to ensure:

1) Conditions of complete and unrestricted rest of the Guest

2) Safety of stay, including the confidentiality of Guest information

3) Professional and courteous in terms of service

4) Cleaning of the room and maintenance of the apartment (performing the necessary repair of the equipment during the absence of the guest and in case of his presence only if he agrees and wishes

5) If possible, another room or otherwise reduce the inconvenience if the faults in the room can not be removed.

57) Apartment is cleaned before arrival and once every 3 days (from 6 days of stay). The apartment is cleaned at the Guest's designated time or between 11am and 4pm so as not to disturb the Guests. You do not have to be present when cleaning the apartment.

58) In the case of dirt by the customer upholstered chairs, couches, wall coverings, etc., the customer is entitled to remove the stain only with a cloth dipped in water (please do not rub dirty surfaces). If the above method fails, the customer is obliged to inform ICA about the situation - this is not a problem for ICA- the dirty surface will be cleaned by a professional company at the expense of ICA.

59) Guest is obliged to leave the object in the condition not in relation to the original condition on the day of accommodation and to leave utensils and kitchen utensils clean (this scope of work is not included in the final cleaning).


60) ICA provides bed linen and towels exchange on the day of housekeeping or at the Guest's request for an additional fee only during reception opening hours.

61) Guests are obliged to use the equipment according to their intended use and the instruction manual provided in the apartment.

62) For reasons of fire safety it is forbidden to use in rooms heaters, electric irons and other similar devices that do not constitute the equipment of the apartment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies for computers, tablets, cell phones, cameras, etc. It is not permitted to use lighters, matches, candles, and other items that may expose fire.

63) Unfairly launching a fire alarm The Guest will be charged with a fine of PLN 1500 for a fire brigade call.

64) The list of equipment with the description and price list is included in the appendices to this Regulation: equipment of the Premium apartment - attachment no. 1 equipment of the apartment Splendor - attachment no. 2

65) The price list included in the annexes sets out the minimum amount of compensation in the event of a downhill apartment loss - the cost of cleaning, repair, replacement or purchase of equipment

66) Apartment accomodation for an additional fee is subject to availability.


67) ICA is not responsible for the items brought to the apartment (including the loss or damage of money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value) by the guest, accompanying person or visiting him in the apartment. Valuable items, money and documents should be kept by the Guest in a locked safe located in the apartment.

68) ICA shall not be liable for the damage or loss of the car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest, objects left in it and live animals, whether or not the vehicles are parked on a rented parking place or outside.

69) ICA shall not be liable for any failure or improper performance of any of the obligations arising from the Terms and Conditions resulting from any circumstances that ICE CREAM APARTMENTS has no control over despite due diligence.

70) ICA is also not liable for damages resulting from the suspension or termination of services by ICA.

71) ICA is also not liable for damages, including lost profits, incurred as a result of your use of ICA in a manner inconsistent with the Regulations (Terms and Conditions).

72) The Guest bears total financial / material liability for any damage, damage or defect in the building in which the apartment, apartment and equipment belonging to the suit (whether deliberately or unintentionally) or the fault (intentional or unintentional) Him or his visitors. The Guest bears full and sole financial responsibility for the damage caused by the introduced animals.

In the event of damage mentioned above, the Guest is obliged to immediately report this fact to ICA, to comply with ICA’s requests, and in particular to pay for damages, damages and losses.

In case of damage, statements dirt apartment, towels, bedding above the norm ICA reserves the right to retain brought security deposit in the amount of the full value of losses including the costs of repair, cleaning or replacement by valuation ICA , no less than In the price list of equipment - annexes to these Regulations

73) In the event of damage caused by a guest accompanying or visiting a person or visitors to the latter or animals entered, a fee will be charged for the damaged / damaged items according to the current market prices plus the costs of purchasing, transporting, assembling damaged items, not less than the equipment price list - annex to the Regulations. ICA is entitled in the first place to meet your claim for compensation for damage from the deposit taken. In the event that the value of / in claims exceeds the collected deposit, the Guest must pay the difference immediately. ICE CREAM APARTMENTS reserves the right to charge the Guest's credit card for any damage caused upon his departure. In view of the above, the Guest hereby authorizes ICE CREAM APARTMENTS to perform the ICE CREAM APARTMENTS debit collection action from the card.

74) The Guest is obliged to exercise due diligence on the keys and pilots he has handed over. In case of loss or damage to the key, the guest should immediately report this fact to ICA in person at reception or by e-mail to sopot@icecreamapartments.com outside the reception opening hours

75) A fee of PLN 200 is charged for lost or damaged Keys to the apartment. A fee of PLN 50 per item is charged for the loss or destruction of keys to the trash and wicket gate.

76) ICA shall not be liable for any damage to property or personal property, arising without his fault, incurred by the Guest or third parties during the performance of the Contract and any inconvenience incurred during the stay related to: construction or finishing work that may be carried out on the premises In which the apartment is located and around it, interruptions, for reasons beyond the control of ICA supply of media (including electricity, water, what) immissions (in particular noise) from neighboring properties.

77) The Guest should have adequate insurance to protect him from any injuries suffered while in the apartment.


78) Personal items left by the guest at the Apartment will be returned to the address indicated by the Guest and at his / her expense. ICA will keep these items for a period of one month, and after this period ICA will hold these items.

79) Because of their properties such as groceries, plants and selected cosmetics, underwear, traditional toothbrushes, disposable razors, etc. will not be stored - will be disposed immediately after the Guest is discharged.


80) Guest agrees to place his or her personal information in the icecreamapartments.com database. Data will be processed solely for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, facilitating subsequent bookings and for marketing purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997. Data will not be transferred or made available to third parties.

81) Guests have the right to access and update their personal data


82) Information Resources and the entire contents of the www.icecreamapartments.com website, such as texts, graphics, logos, buttons, images, are intellectual property of ICA or entities with which ICA has entered into relevant agreements

83) ICA may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise used without ICA permission in whole or in part, information, data or other content available on the www.icecreamapartments.com or derived from it, except in cases permitted use under the generally applicable laws


84) All prices include VAT. Prices in currencies other than PLN are indicative. When making payments with a foreign payment card, the transaction amount is converted into the currency of the card. Settlement in PLN should be reported by the Guest - by entering the relevant information in the comments box (or Special Requests box) in the booking form.

85) Any payment in cash ICA is accept in PLN

86) Guest agrees to issue VAT invoices without his signature

87) Guest may not withdraw from an agreement concluded remotely, outside the business office based on the article 38, par. 12 of the Customers Rights Act of 30th May 2014 (Journal of Laws 2014, 827).

88) In the event of a breach of the ICA regulations, the owner of the ICA may refuse to provide further services to the apartment inspected. These persons are obliged to immediately comply with ICA requests, settle any ICA settlements and leave ICA.

89) Any disputes between guests and ICA will be settled by the General Court, which is responsible for the ICA premises. The applicable law is Polish. In addition, having regard to the content of art. 32 paragraph. 1 point 2 of the Act of 23 September 2016 on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes (Journal of Laws of 2016 item 1823) Jaman Jacek Małolepszy seated in Sopot hereby declares that he does not agree to participate in the out-of-court proceedings solving consumer disputes.

90) These Regulations may be modified by ICA to improve the booking conditions and the security of your stay in ICA.

91) The version in force is the Polish version, the English version is informative and does not constitute the official version of the regulations in force.

92) Important telephone numbers: Ambulance: 999, Police 997, Fire brigade 998 or emergency telephone 112.

Please contact ICE CREAM APARTMENTS if you have any problems making a reservation or asking an offer,

email: sopot@icecreamapartments.com,(+48) 666 066 234

ICE CREAM APARTMENTS will be very grateful for your cooperation in complying with these regulations, which is intended to ensure the peace and safety of all our guests.

I wish you a pleasant stay.

Jacek Małolepszy

Owner Ice Cream Apartments Sopot